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Who are we ?

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Cécile & Damien,

Nature enthusiasts,

Wild spaces lover,

Quite crazy divers,

Attracted by adventures of any kind,

We sailed for 2 years the Pacific ocean  on our brave little sailing boat COLIBRI,
and had a lot of opportunities

to meet unspoiled beauty on this World.


Of course the highest-ranked one

is the exploration of the now famous "Tonga Volcano", but every days spent

on this trip was a fantastic inspiration.

Apart from the numerous uses of our pictures and names in articles related to Hunga Tonga - Hunga Ha'apaï (here),

we did some articles for various magazines, especially about our diving adventures. Feel free to click on it :



Finally, we love writing maybe as much as photographing,

and it happens that we wrote some "novels" following some of the most breathtaking diving trip we did (in french only) :


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