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Shattered Island
Last sights of the Tonga Volcano

The Shattered Island

The Shattered Island

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Fresh news !
"Shattered Island" will be featured

on the well-known NFT Calendar website

from 1st to 7th April !

You probably remember "Burnt Banksy", this controversial yet brilliant idea

where for the first time a real-world art was definitively turned into a NFT ?

Imagine you can get something far more exclusive and a lot bigger ? Like, an entire island ?


Look below ! You can also check on OpenSea for "Shattered Island" !

For the first time since NFT era, a full piece of land about 2 kilometers long has been literally vaporized

by one of the biggest volcanic explosion of the last century, squatting all medias around the world.

Before that, the island was extremely remote, dangerous, and let face it : nobody cared about !

Consequence : you can count on your fingers the humans that land it

between its birth in 2015 and  its brutal disappearance in 2022.

Guess what : we were blessed to be part of those guys :)

In fact, in 2017 we have been the 1st official visitors to land "Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apaï" (HTHH).

We were granted this unique opportunity thanks to a collaboration with the NASA itself !

The goal was to collect, geolocalise and shoot tridimensional pictures of several samples of rocks.


After that, the NASA scientists would be able to study the characteristics of those materials,

and compare with satellite images taken from Mars to bring a better understanding of the Red Planet.

Here is a link if you want to know more :

And of course, as fellow explorers and photographers,

we seized this unique opportunity to shot every fantastic aspect of this volcanic island.

Today, we decided to turn into a NFT collection our 20 most beautiful

and particular pictures done during this fantastic day.



Already visible on OpenSea, sale of "Shattered Island" will be held in the next few weeks.

We will be more than happy to exchange with you and keep you tuned,

don't hesitate to contact us by email, on TwitterInstagram, or Discord.

Our work was covered by most of the world top magazines & newspapers,

here is a small sample :


National Geographic

New York Times


Science News


American Museum of Natural History

Cosmos Magazine

Popular Science





Check our future "Dead Reckoning" NFT project

if you want to claim a real piece of the "Shattered Island" !

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